How to become a member of the NSW Cavy Club Inc

Becoming a Member of the NSW Cavy Club Inc. is easy and has many benefits...

- subscription to our exceptional Club newsletter, Cavy Capers. The Club publishes 10 issues of the newsletter each year each containing 24 A4 pages loaded with articles on all aspects of cavy health and well-being, heaps of photos, contests, information about upcoming shows, officer reports, show results and judges critiques, and lots more. Don't miss a single issue.

- meet new friends - you've got something in common right away. It has four legs and squeaks.


 - discuss problems of animal husbandry, behaviour, grooming  and so on with fellow breeders or cavy fanciers.

- show your cavies and have judges assess them to allow you to see if your breeding program is on the right track.

- a wide range of discounted cavy supplies.

Join Now! Just download the membership form, print a copy, complete the relevant details and post it to our Club Secretary with the required monies...its as easy as that!